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Abe Tempered Glass

Our tempered glass comply to SGCC ANSI Z97.1, EN 12600 for impact test and EN 12150 for quality management CE Mark.

Tempered glass is a piece of annealed (ordinary) glass that gets its safety properties from a heating and cooling procedure called “tempering”. The process involves heating the glass and cooling it immediately. Quickly cooling the incredibly hot glass causes the outside of the glass to harden quicker than the center. This process leaves the center in tension making the glass significantly stronger and more durable than ordinary glass.

Key features:

  • About 2 times stronger than annealed glass in terms of its strength towards bending & impact.
  • Greater resistance to thermal shock than annealed glass.

Abe Laminated glass

Our laminated glass is produced by sandwiching one or more layers of PVB or structural layer materials between multiple lites (two or more) of glass and applying a combination of heat and pressure to permanently fuse the layers together.


*Sentry Glass Impact Laminated glass and acoustic + version are available upon request.


Key features:

  • Stronger than tempered glass – better security.
  • Fading control as it filters about 99% of the most damaging portion of the UV spectrum.
    (Protect curtains, furnishings and carpets from fading quicker)
  • Better optics : transparency values close to the extra clear glass.
  • Excellent soundproofing for acoustic + version.



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